Starting with a desire to quietly dislocate the habituated gaze, my work seeks out instability, looking for marks of alteration, signatures of impermanence and sites of change. Often using repetition and juxtaposition, the fragility of the scrutinized subject is developed with an eye to both its history and the of the materials of the project. With a purposeful  awareness to the conceptual and metaphorical conversations the works may engage with, I want to ask questions about disintegration and reformation and to undermine the desire for closure and make strange what seems familiar.

I use  different media within each project and this allows the works to juxtapose the inevitability of change with the concomitant desire to contain, whilst utilising mechanisms of sublimity to allow the works to be accessible. The works seek to gently unsettle the familiar and to allow my making to look back at history whilst conscious of the moment and simultaneouslylooking forward to what will become. I want to explore instances when the past and the future are both within sight and contemplation ; to look both ways at the same time.

The historicism brings with it a political edge as my practice is informed by my constellation of recurring interests that include cartography, ownership, transgression climate and walking.


MA Fine Art
Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts

MA Romanticism and Modernism ; Cultural Theory
Southampton University

BA Literature
University of London

College of Law


4/2016        Fractures
                    Landmark Trust, Llwyn Celyn, Wales

4/2016        Nonarchy
                    UnDegUn, Wrexham, Wales

3/2016        The March That No-One Saw
Parfitt Gallery, Croydon

12/2015       Mana 1  
                    Belgravia Mews London

12/2015       Mana 2 

                    Belgravia Mews London

9/2014         Post
  St Peter St  London

9/2014         Priprema Pozor Pad!
                    Magacin u Kraljavica, Belgrade

6/2014         Print 3 
                    Arcane Gallery Hackney London

5/2014         Stop It 
                    MA Final Degree Show CSM

11/2013         Lost Property
                    Platform Bar Terrace Hackney London

11/2013         Tomorrow I’ll Be Elsewhere
                     A Side B Side Gallery, Hackney and Royal Academy London

6/ 2013         Sound Portal and Symposium     
                     Chelsea College of Art London

5/ 2013         In Transit
                     V22 The Biscuit FactoryLondon

5/ 2013        Byam Shaw Printmaking Show
Byam Shaw London


2014            Croydon College of Art

2015            Landmark Trust


I work between my studio in The Bomb Factory Art Studios in London  and North Norfolk